Catherine McAuley College has proudly become an official partner school of LFC International Academy Australia, dedicated to providing soccer programs that empower young women in their personal development journey. Together, we aim to cultivate a thriving community of innovation in girls’ education, fostering growth both within the classroom and on the field.

The Vision: To recognise and celebrate our educational community while nurturing the unique talents of every individual. We are committed to providing our school and its surrounding community with the new Mercy Junortoun Sporting Precinct, which will serve as a gateway to educational advancement and the personal growth of all students through the Liverpool FC International Academy curriculum.

We aspire to offer the next generation a range of educational pathways that empower them to achieve personal success, all while staying true to the core Mercy values of Respect, Justice, Compassion, Hospitality, Service, and Courage. This commitment goes beyond delivering a high-quality and authentic LFC football program but also encompasses the holistic development of our students, including their technical, tactical, and physical abilities, as well as their social and mental well-being.

At Catherine McAuley College, we believe strategic partnerships support outstanding learning opportunities and provide access to even more resources for our students and the community. Our relationship with Liverpool FC will maximise the opportunities created by the wonderful facilities at the Mercy Junortoun Sporting Precinct, which is perfect for such a world class organisation” 


– Brian Turner, Principal of Catherine McAuley College 



LFC International Academy offers young fans around the world an opportunity to learn to play The Liverpool Way, developing participants both on and off the pitch. The Liverpool Way is a philosophy that runs throughout LFC and will be implemented into the Ave Maria College’s high-performance soccer school program. It incorporates the four core values of the club, and these values permeate through everything that we do at the LFC International Academy. ‘The Liverpool Way’ is based on our four core family values:

  • Ambition – Knowing that dreams are there to be achieved. Nothing is impossible
  • Commitment – Put your heart and soul into everything – go that last mile to do things right
  • Dignity – Earn respect through honesty and integrity
  • Unity – Work together to bring the best out of each other

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